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Ingredients of NatureBox

Unfortunately the official website does not give detailed information on what can be found in your monthly boxes; however, it describes the process. After signing up on the site, you will be automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription, and will start getting your packages the same time each month. Here you may face the first issue because the company is not always as exact with the same dates of sending you a new box. It is mentioned on the official website that each NatureBox will contain a variety of snacks, including seeds and nuts, dried fruits trail mix, and vegetables, bars, granola, and crackers. You will never receive foods that are produced with high fructose corn syrup, partially trans fats, hydrogenated oils,or artificial sweeteners, flavoring, or colors.

According to the NatureBox, they have been looking for the most tasty, unique, and healthy snacks all over the world. Each monthly box is based on a definite theme, and all products are claimed to be tested and approved by nutritionists not only in terms of quality but also in terms of taste. For customers living in the continental U.S., shipping is free. But if you live in Hawaii or Alaska, a minimal fee of $1.97 will be added to your order each month. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any evidence for the quality and safety of foods they send to their clients on a monthly basis. In order to have a broader idea whether the service is worth subscribing let us take a look at what real customers think about it.

Where To Buy NatureBox?

The company offers three different types of subscriptions on a monthly basis. Deluxe Package is suitable for singles and small families, as it includes five different types of snacks, divided into 3-5 individual portions. It is priced at $19.95. The Happy Snacker focuses on families of more than four people and includes five different types of snacks, divided into ten portions. It costs $29.95. The SmartChecker is designed for larger families, or for anyone who likes to snack. It includes four large bags of five snacks. Its cost is $49.95.

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