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Brain Hacker

Keeping the mind healthy requires nourishment, just like any other part of the body. Most people think that vitamins will be enough, but probably the best solution for the brain is nootropics. Brain Hacker Nootropic is a dietary product that works by stimulating healthy processes in the human brain to improve memory and mood, as well as to increase mental function. This treatment can be used as part of a subscription or as a one-time transaction. The formula offers a combination of essential vitamins and botanicals that are said to provide the right environment for proper brain functioning. The promised benefits of the product include improved memory, easier learning, positive moods, greater alertness, better cognition and higher energy levels. But can Brain Hacker really enhance your overall cognition? Are there any better nootropic products on the market? We are going to answer these questions but at first let us take a look at the manufacturer information.

The first thing that you need to know before starting taking a supplement is the manufacturer who made this product. The company behind Brain Hacker is called 303 Supplements. It is a badly known manufacturer in the country. It also offers some other products of the kind. The company has an official website but it is not very informative, in terms of possible adverse reactions associated with the use of their products. However, the company makes a lot of claims about the product itself. The major one is that it is intended to improve your memory, focus and attention, as well as to enhance your cognition in general. It means that with this product you will be able to focus better. However, all of these promises have to be proven, so it is high time to take a look at the working process of the supplement and the ingredient list.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer hasn't disclosed any possible side effects of the product, so it is vital to take a look at potential risks carried by separate ingredients in the product. Bacopa extract's side effects may include increased nausea, bowel movements, dry mouth, stomach cramps, and fatigue. It is prohibited to pregnant and breast-feeding women. It might slow down the heartbeat, cause "congestion" in the intestines and even promote the formation of ulcers. Most users of DMAE do not face side effects but the following issues have been observed by some people: urticaria, constipation, headache, insomnia, drowsiness, over stimulation, confusion, vivid dreams, depression, hypomania, blood pressure elevation, an increase in schizophrenia, and respiratory tardive dyskinesia. Patients with Alzheimer's might suffer from confusion, drowsiness, and high blood pressure. DMAE can be too stimulating for some users who may experience irritability, headaches, tense muscles, and tightness in the neck, jaw, and shoulders. Other side effects of Brain Hacker may include nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, gas; weight loss; swelling in your hands or feet; insomnia; muscle or joint pain; mild skin rash or itching; dizziness, headache, tired feeling; nose, dry mouth, runny increased sweating. There are limited customer reviews about the product. Let us take a look for some of them.

"Brain Hacker does not work at all! I had great hopes that this supplement would help me but I was very disappointed. I used to take it in the morning and within an hour I usually experienced stomach ache and sometimes I even had a diarrhea. I did not notice any positive effect. I do not recommend this nootropic to anyone."

"I have finally refused from the products of this company. The last two bottles of Brain Hacker that I bought did not do anything good for me. The first bottle I bought from them showed some results. I am not sure but I think that the product has differed. To my mind, these are nothing more than placebo pills. You will feel something if you want it very much. I want to get my money back. You have lost a loyal customer."

"I was disappointed to find out that I tried so much to focus better after taking Brain Hacker pills, but even my efforts did not help me. The effect was very minimal, like after drinking one cup of coffee. It seems to contain quite good ingredients but they don't work. When I gave these pills to my wife she felt dizzy. I do not feel dizzy but I don't feel like focusing better either. I will not order it again. I hope you have a better experience."

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